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YONI (2009)

The installation Yoni* is comprised of the almond-shaped object, accessible through a narrow passage leading to the hologram projection of a priestess on altar.

The work is about the relationships between polarities (and their uniting, neutralising) in the process of their unifying. In the installation this union is discerned through the relationship between the work and its participants. According to physics the world is formed by the magnetism between opposing forces. The amalgamation of elements, depending on their charges, leads to their neutralisation or a new creation. The installation formally and theoretically refers to the cabalist and other mystic scriptures regarding the path of realisation of the Absolute.

*(Yoni is a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘vagina’, but also a ‘sacred place’ or ‘divine passage’. The word is etymologically derived from yogi which means ‘to unite’.)

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