Media facade and light facade have become a carrier of the natural rhythms of life; breathing - inhalation and exhalation pattern. Rhythmic process of breathing is transposed into light. Facades serves as a transformative medium for light that moves and animates the entire building. The museum is thus easily perceived as organic tissue in the vibrant city weft.

This site-specific installation examines urban space, experiencing it as an organic combination of spatially dynamic human relationships. At a time and in the space when changes in the global landscape more dramatically effects on the transformation of the visual mode, there is a need for active harmonization with the environment. On the trail of organic architecture that reflects the natural order of symbiotic systems, installation Urban Organic focuses on simplicity of the message opposite to visually and semiotically saturated environment..

In the process of the formation of human consciousness in prehistory, crucial role played recognizing same principle of rhythms within the body of the viewer with those outside it. Ability to create rhythmic pattern in the body of receptor by forces of resonance is used in psychological techniques for sales such as Rapport and Mirroring (that are using the natural ability to synchronize with the environment).