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LAUGHING BUTTERFLIES (2015) is sound installation of the sounds of laughter without a visible source that brings astonishment into the urban environment. By abstracting a laughter to its primal and archetypal, and underlining its ambivalence, this sound installation also reflects on historical physical and symbolic interventions onto that particular building. (Home of Croatian Artists, The Mosque, Museum of Revolution, Croatian Association of Artists)
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TALES OF INEXPRESSIBLE (2008) is sound installation that deals with the inversion of meanings and values in contemporary reality. What was once hidden, invisible and privat is now turned inside out and become visible and public. 18 speakers are set to the outside windows of the library / gallery. They are transmitting sounds from the inside of the library such as; walking, heart beating, silent reading, coughing, breathing, page scrolling - to the outside.
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VENUS IN FURS (2020) is video installation of valkyrie dance projected on the chimney that invokes the purification through the practice of ritualy achieving the trance.
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LOGOS (2009) installation shows different patterns that light creates on the surrounding surfaces are the product of the vibration of sound and diffraction of light. The interaction of ambient sounds produced by visitors, blue lasers, CDs, AC motors and Arduino are creating ever new light forms.
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PH2OENIX (2003) is installation that provides vibrant changes of light and dark and dynamics of it that alows our eye to render only a few drops of falling water in the hidden flow. In the same way our consciousness recalls only several moments from our existence while the flow of life is almost imperceptible.
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7 SEALS (2011) (with B. Gagic and J. Zanki) is a poetic video installation mounted in a church window that deals with the Christian myth of 7 seals opening before the Apocalypse.
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EVENT HORIZON (2014) is a light installation of projected laser light in the form of single horizontal line that moves slowly from bottom to the top of the space, referring to a (e.g. document, body…) scanning process. Installation alludes to a scanning through the layers of a space-time continuum of that particular object (Church of St. Donat , Zadar/ Antique Roman Temple, Christian medieval Church, Venetian warehouse, todays Museum/Gallery/Concert Hall).