Interactive installation, 2009
Jedinstvo Factory, Device_Art 3.009, Zagreb, Croatia
Medium; Lasers, DVD's, Arduino


From Heraclitus, via scholasticism and semiotics, to this very day, many a spear of philosopher and mystic alike has been broken over the meaning of the Logos. Many religious texts mention the Word (sound) as Creator of the World. Even physics sees vibration as the characteristic of any kind of energy and its frequency as manifestation of the diversity of the matter, the sound, light and all other phenomena. The strength of the word, its sound image and its sign remains the determination of the strength of the human being, human ideas, and the very sign of creation.
The installation Logos, based on the interaction of sound and light, is composed of computer, engines, mirrors, optical glass, LEDs, lasers. The interactive object transmits the vibration of sound to light that then creates various patterns on the surrounding surfaces on which it falls. The motors that react to the sound drive pieces of optical glass that diffract the light, which is then reflected in irregular mirrors and scattered around the venue. The varied patterns that the light creates on the surrounding surfaces are the product of the vibration of sound and the diffraction of light. When there is no sound in the vicinity, only luminous dots can be seen on the surrounding surfaces.


Programming: I.Marušić Klif




Photos by Jurica Vranješevič, Tomislav Medak - Flickr