HyperRelations /2018/ By the mapping and positioning of video projections into the gallery's space, along with the construction of the installation’s centrepiece resembling a signpost, it accentuates and activates the already existing architectural element of a staircase, attributing in this way symbolic power to it, otherwise possessed by archetypal forms. It is about a spiral, a common shape found in the natural world, from the animal world to natural phenomena - such as tornadoes or galaxies. The DNA coil, the molecule of life that contains a hidden code, through which the artist, by thematizing the original principle of harmony refers to the lost human experience of the universe. The images that Mezak is using (either digitally generated or taken from physical reality), are important stimuli, perceptual indications that, almost like the hydrogen bonds in DNA base pairs, indicate a hidden connection with the principle of order.

The work of Martina Mezak relies entirely on the technological possibilities of new media, but also occupies the immaterial world and internal human conditions. Using computer-programmed or transformed images and sounds.. are on the path of the heritage of aesthetics and visual research of New Tendencies. Jasna Gruic