Ambiental installation, 2003

Clubture: Ars Republica Labin, Gallery Mocvara, Metamedia Pula

Media: water, water pump, pool, strobe light, metal construction, dark




This work is dealing with movement, generally, universally, as a constant flow, flux, change and transformation of the energy.

Philosophically, the Phoenix represents the principle of everlasting life, renovation and resurrection.
Mythology illustrates that idea through the element of fire, but I transposed that scheme into the element of water since water is the element that suffers greatest transformations without changing its very essence.
I emphasize that everlasting change by using a water pump to move the water up and push it around the circle.
The strobe light in the same time gives and takes away the rhythm of the free falling of the water.
It provides the rhythm with vibrant changes of light and dark, but the dynamic lights render only a few drops visible and that hides the flow.
Through that, I’m observing conscious life in which our memories recall only several moments, emotions, only some significant events from our existence, while we are unaware of the permanent flow of time/energy. 








Tehnical support - Davor Merkas
Opening sound - DJ Vanja, DJ Sekkt - PsyTrance

Coproduction: Gallery Mocvara, Clubture


Also thanks to : Marijana, Iva and Ivan