G 8







Solo exhibition - Gallery VN
Group exhibition - T-Htaward@msu.h

Interactive hologram installation, 2008
Gallery VN, KGZ, Zagreb, Croatia, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia
Media: 8 holo projectors (devices for ultrasonic production of fog, video projectors)
computer, interaction panel-s, speakers
8 videos, each lenght app 1 minute, sound, color
Curator: Suncica Ostojic

Interactive installation G8 deals with the possibility of achieving the ideal society.
Possibilities of e-utopia are given by 8 young women educated in 8 basic areas of social life.
Name of installation, "G8" refers to the summit of 8 economically most powerful countries.
Name also refers to the interactive G point of female organism.
Eight virtual women in a gallery create fatigue and by pressing the button on the object over which they 'flow',
they become carrier of possible scenario realizations of utopia.
To think about the possibilities of achieving an ideal community appears naive and causes gap regarding the history and state of our civilization.
But utopian spirit is still, except in theory, present in society as activism (ecologists,  anti-globalists ..), a critical engagement with existing social systems and
relationships incentive goal of realizing not only the positive potential of humanity, but also bare survival.

Project participants: Sandra Hudina (ecology), Jasmina Music (physics), Dijana Pendelic (economy), Vesna Pezelj (sociology),
Cvijeta Senta (politology), Natalija Tripalo (philosophy), Tihana Vukošić (medicine), Martina Mezak (culture).
Interaction and sound: Marko Štefan Poljak