Ambiental installation
Year: 2004
Media: Fluo tubes, blacklights, circulating water, pump, sound surround system
Gallery of Extended Media (PM), Croatian Assotiation of Visual Artist, Zagreb, Croatia

Curator: Iva Rada Janković

Mythological name of the Ananta ambience refers to a cosmic snake that bites its own tail and squirts its poison into it, taking a strong hold of the base of the world.
This base, or the centre, is the idea of the Absolute, which is All and/or Nothing. It is emptiness, a hole in its literal, architectural meaning or, symbolically, an invisible concentration of energy. By circulation, this symbolical body of snake/time grows spirally with its material dialectics of life and death, creation of Time out of itself. This techno-spiritual ambience is site-specific and also a set for a happening deprived of action, that is, a symbolical indication of an invisible continuous happening we do not even think about, buried in our Microcosms.
'As techno-aesthetics of avant-garde glorified utopian vision of progress of the new industrial society, techno-aesthetics of neo-avant-garde was created in laboratory conditions, aiming to achieve a synzhesis os sience and art. Now techno aesthetics does not only imply an exclusive, authonomous contemplation in the spheres of 'high art', but in its desire to acheive a healing quality of extasy the approach to technology is again and again carried out by means of popular culture.'
Modern ways of surviving in post-industrial age have created an atmosphere of fragmented views. an ability to note the connection between cause and effect may look as unnecessary effort, which one can easely abandon by plesant indulgence in the shift of rapid sensations. It seems as though authentic grip of reality, as well as of spirituality, is no longer possible in the media-contaminated world. Only few people, those who do not recoil from the use of technology but at the same time do not wish to glorify it, still belive in intuitive spiritual shifts that should happen parallelly with its development, and help us to survive.
From the foreword by Iva Rada Jankovic

' Mirko Suvakovic Techno aesthetics and techno-art Arkzin No 91
'' Jules Marshall - Zippi stands for Zen Inspired Profesional Pagans.. Zippie is 'someone who has balanced their hemispheres to achive a fusion of the technological and spiritual. The techno person understands that rationality, organisation, long-term planning, consistency and single-mindedness are necessary to achive anything solid on the material level. The hippie understands that vision, individuality, spontaneity, flexibility and open.mindedness are crucial to realize anything on the spititual scale.'



Tehnical support - Davor Merkas
Surround sound of Ananta - Sinisa Premuzic
Opening sound: DJ Kobayagi /RDK Tribalizer/, Didgeredoo - Marko Stefan Poljak

Sponsor: Pakt-Elektro d.o.o.